Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Iowa Identity Theft Passport Police Protection

Iowa proposes ID theft 'passport' to protect Identity Theft victims from police and arrest for crimes they haven't committed.

Crooks who steal your identity and use it on driver licenses are apparently becoming more common. It is wise for bad guys to be able to present false identification during traffic stops or other instances of ID checking. So they are using identity theft as protection from arrest, but in the process racking up suspicious activity on the record of honest citizens who have been victimized.

This Iowa law would provide paperwork for victims to carry proving they are Identity Theft targets who may show suspicious activity on their record due to bad guys using their name to commit crimes.

It seems that after awhile the crooks will forge these documents won't they? No, let's prevent ID theft instead of carrying further ID to protect us from law enforcement. Bad idea.

How about getting credit card companies and banks to stop mailing paper documents with account numbers and other data on them exposing us to mail theft? How about stopping businesses from being able to require our social security number for routine records like video rentals and health club memberships? How about stopping the sale of personally identifiable financial information through data brokers?

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