Monday, March 27, 2006

NSA Surveillance of Attorney & Doctor Phone Calls

The headline above links to a Wired News story on NSA spying on otherwise inviolable communications between attorneys and client or doctor and patient. Congress is probing the warrantless spying by the Bush Administration and has received vague and evasive answers to their questioning.
Michigan Rep. John Conyers, the House Judiciary Committee's top Democrat, complained about the department's evasiveness in answers to questions from the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, submitted to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. All but two of 45 answers to the House Judiciary Democrats were vague and unresponsive, Conyers said.
The Justice Department gave the following response to direct questions about monitoring priviledged communications between lawyers and their clients and doctors and their patients:
"Because collecting foreign intelligence information without a warrant does not violate the Fourth Amendment and because the Terrorist Surveillance Program is lawful, there appears to be no legal barrier against introducing this evidence in a criminal prosecution."
It appears the Bush Administration Justice Department is busily creating case law to cite back to anyone challenging the warrantless spying in the future. There appears to be no end to the domestic spying program, even though the press, the public and politicians are all up in arms over this program. The definitive position on surveillance of otherwise priviledged communications?
"Although the program does not specifically target the communications of attorneys or physicians, calls involving such persons would not be categorically excluded from interception."

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