Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Self-Storage Privacy Rights

Self-Storage Privacy Rights overview This excellent article is by Atlanta Attorney Scott Zucker, author of Legal Topics in Self-storage: A Sourcebook for Owners and Managers. He is also a partner in the Self-Storage Legal Network, a subscription-based legal service for self-storage owners and managers.

The linked article looks at all aspects of privacy issues for rental storage unit owners. Covering consumer requirements to provide social security numbers as an opening issue, but moving to a discussion of the responsibility of storage owners to properly destroy or have destroyed, all potentially damaging personally idendtifiable information that might put a renter at risk of identity theft or financial loss.

It's great to see attention being paid to privacy issues in particularly vulnerable industries. Many consumers have at one time or another stored boxes full of financial records, old credit card statements, taxes and financial and banking paperwork in a rental unit. The idea that those records might be targeted for identity theft has probably rarely crossed our minds.

Disposal of property upon delinquency is a particularly thorny issue for Storage Businesses and here's hoping that more attention is paid to an underprotected area. Certainly there are identity thieves who are well aware of dumpster diving as a method of scoring sensitive financial information. But it is clear that rental storage facilities are a particularly rich target for discarded records or deliquency sales that might net social security numbers, bank accounts, credit card statements and all manner of sensitive paper records - not to mention old computers and discs storing more financial booty.

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