Friday, March 24, 2006

Spitzer Sues Marketer Over E-mail Privacy

N.Y. sues marketer over e-mail fraud according to this MSNBC story. New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer is like a privacy bulldog that just won't let go of his targets. While the "Gratis Internet" company claims innocence due to outsourcing their email distribution to external providers, Spitzer maintains that consumer data was sold and resold to spammers who inundated members who had signed up with the company, which markets by offering free consumer goods, such as iPods in exchange for personal information.

Some consumers who have been given free electronics products say the spam is worth it due to the goodies they were given, but this should clearly demonstrate the high value placed on consumer information by marketing firms. If a company can justify giving away $300 products, they must make up for it by selling (and reselling, and reselling) the information gathered or they would quickly go out of business.

Spitzer has proven himself a privacy watchdog in previous high profile privacy cases filed in New York.

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