Monday, March 20, 2006

Torn up Credit Card Application from Trash Gets Credit!

The Torn-Up Credit Card Application
resurrected from a trash can and taped back together from tiny pieces shows that credit card issuers are not in the least concerned with identity theft. This site discusses a test done by someone who legitimately received the application from Chase Mastercard, but he felt certain tearing it up and then taping it back together to fill it out would set off alarm bells at Chase. Not only did he piece the thing back together, but he changed the address on the application - something that identity thieves would most certainly do.

Well, not only was the card approved, but it was sent to his parents home, the address he had changed it to. This clearly shows that credit card companies have absolutely nothing to lose to identity theft and take no precautions against it.

The pieces of this application could have been retrieved from a dumpster, taped together and the address changed. Thieves would have been awarded the credit card and the original recipient would have no idea he had been the victim of dumpster diving criminals - even after he had taken the precaution of tearing up the application.

Credit card companies should be held fully accountable for all damage done to victims of identity theft when they award credit cards to anyone willing to dig through garbage cans, use a little tape and claim to be someone else. This case clearly illustrates how cavalier Chase is in issuing cards to crooks and liars - as it probably mirrors a good portion of true identity theft cases.

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