Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Australian National ID Card

Aussies to get pseudo-ID Card
It appears that Australia is jumping into the national ID scheme and will require all citizens to have one if they wish to continue having their health benefits. A quote from the story linked above:
Australia's biometric non-ID card will be used to replace 17 existing health and social service cards. It will also be backed up by the thing that makes an ID card an ID card - a massive database, shared across government departments.
So the Australian government is now going to require a national ID, but claim it is for health benefits. They are claiming that the card will only hold a digital photo in its data chip, but it will only require an upgrade once the national database and infrastructure are in place.

Again, as mentioned in that quote above, it appears that the system will merge data from multiple programs and multiple existing databases into one. The database merging continues - now in Australia. There will no doubt one day be a single worldwide database containing all information about every human on the planet - if we live long enough.

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Blogger Swagy said...

For the record I think it is a bad idea, I for one do not trust any government enough to responsibly use the power that a national id system would give them.

11:13 AM  

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