Wednesday, April 19, 2006

RFID "PASS" Cards a Privacy Threat?

"People Access Security Services" or "PASS" cards being mandated the Department of Homeland Security for frequent border crossing for people crossing between Canada and the US. The cards are being considered with long range readability, similar to toll road passes which can be read from thirty feet and at speeds up to 55 miles per hour as cars pass security checkpoints at border crossings.

The page linked above in the headline is for a press release discussing the Smart Card Alliance Government Conference. It's interesting to see those in the "Smart Card Alliance" openly discussing privacy implications of RFID. Bravo. It appears that concerns of privacy advocates are being heard by the industry and they realize that it is critical to the success of their business to address privacy issues early.

Several privacy related issues are mentioned in the release, including use of RFID in US passports, and the "Registered Traveler Program".

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