Monday, April 17, 2006

Tax Refund Phishing Scams & Identity Theft - Beware of tax refund 'phishing' scams - Apr 14, 2006 The IRS had previously warned about fake emails seeking to convince taxpayers to give scammers their financial information, social security numbers, bank account and credit card numbers.

Identity theft has increased exponentially online and tax time seems like a reasonable time to hear from the IRS, but consumers are being duped by email scams from fraudulent web sites that pretend to be the IRS or other government sites by spoofing the look of official government entities and asking for financial information through online forms.

The recent scams include emails purporting to be official, but which mislead innocent taxpayers to fake sites, offer fake phone numbers and use fake email addresses. The IRS warns that they will never ask detailed financial information of taxpayers in emails and you should never provide that information to a web site you reach by clicking on an email link or by return email. Email links can be spoofed, just as web sites can be made to look official.

Take care and use common sense against this scam at tax time.

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