Monday, April 17, 2006

Terrorist Concern About Privacy

Terrorists' Web Chatter Shows Concern About Internet Privacy This is a story seems a bit topsy turvy to think of bad guys being concerned about privacy. But the headline tweaks things a bit as it really applies to supporters of the bad guys who are not tech savvy, much as privacy advocates are aiming their warnings at non-tech-savvy citizens in their warnings about internet privacy.

There are mentions in this story of advice given by the geeks among terrorists warning supporters in chat rooms and forums - where radicals gather to discuss extremist & violent views - that they should protect their privacy.

It seems very normal for bad guys to be furtive, secretive and low profile. Now they are warning their protege's to do the same and warning them to protect their identities.

I imagine that this story, originally in the Washington Post, caused Homeland Security and NSA types to wish it hadn't made headlines - because it only encourages extremist bad guys (and their supporters) to keep a lower profile.

It's likely that our spooks track the more vocal and less careful supporters to find the more tech-savvy and careful bad guys. How odd that things have been turned on their heads here.

The ill-informed and non-tech-savvy bad guy supporters could betray their cause inadvertently - just as ill-informed and non-tech-savvy citizens could become identity theft victims (or worse) by succumbing to bad guy identity thieves who might be supporting the bad guy cause financially.

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