Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ACLU Launches Anti-Surveillance Campaign

The ACLU has launched a campaign to stop the spying by phone companies for the NSA with a nationwide newspaper ad campaign in 20 markets. Their website hosts a Spy Thriller spoof movie to drive home the point that the surveillance is focusing on the wrong target - the American Public.

Will this be enough to get Bush censured or even impeached? We can only hope that the shotgun toting Cheney is indicted first so that he doesn't take over if Bush is ousted. What could be done to expedite the process, so that we dump them before their term is over? Special prosecutors and more controversy might result in resignations if enough Americans were upset enough.

Will NSA spying via the phone companies bother the US populace more than Iraq & Afghanistan? I doubt it. I also doubt dropping approval ratings will do much worse than cause a drooping lame duck president to be entirely ineffectual in the time he has remaining in office. I'd bet that little of substance is accomplished by Bush for the next couple of years. I'd love to listen in on his phone calls during that time though.

W slumps in his Oval office chair, taps his Cheney hotline speakerphone and sighs, "Dick, I miss the good old days in late 2001 through 2004 when we could do anything we wanted."

Thank goodness those days are over. But it will take a few years to dismantle the Total Information Awareness surveillance and spying program built through Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. Who knows what else lurks in the dark corners of the CIA, NSA and the phone company secret rooms?

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