Monday, May 22, 2006

Stop Bush's Illegal Wiretaps Petition

Take Action: Stop Bush's illegal wiretaps -- act now! The link takes you to a petition spearheaded online by Senator Barbara Boxer asking Arlen Specter to hold public Congressional hearings. Clearly it is a bit old now as it urges Specter to take up the challenge to hold those hearings before Congress acts to "take up Judge Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court."

Regardless, the wiretapping issue has got politicians jockeying for congressional election issue dominance. The issue has got politicians advertising on Google Adsense, which I discovered as I visited my own post on the EFF vs. AT&T (NSA) spying case. I was startled to see the Google Adsense link to Barbara with a headline reading, "Stop Bush Illegal Wiretap" and another from Americas with the similar headline reading, "Stop Illegal NSA Wiretaps" in the Adsense ads on my blog page.

It will be quite interesting to see how those political ads change as this issue evolves over the next few weeks and months. Adsense ads can often be excellent indicators of where the money is in an issue and watch it evolve over time.

I've watched the ads on this blog over time and through several privacy issues and have noted that those making money on privacy issues include privacy compliance software and privacy consultants to email encryption tools. Somehow ads always lead to those making money from the topic discussed.

The Adsense ads from Democrats indicate not that they hope to make money, but the currency of politics, votes and voter support. It is clear that Congressional dems are spending advertising money hoping to gain political election currency in these Google Adsense ads on the surveillance, spying and privacy invasion concerns of Americans.

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