Saturday, May 27, 2006

Veterans Identity Theft Fears Surge After VA Data Theft

What follows is my daily news alert on identity theft from Google News Alert. While it is not unusual to see a bump in the number of stories on identity theft after a data breach, theft or major hacking news, this appears substantially larger than an average day.

While many of these stories are the same AP news story reported by several news organizations, television news and radio stations - it shows that there is a widespread concern about ID theft and represents just one of many alarm bells set clanging over the past year.

How long can this go on without those holding sensitive private information on hundreds of millions of Americans taking steps to lock down that data, limiting those with access and assigning strict liability to those who compromise that sensitive data?

We'll see legislation making it illegal for non-authorized employees from removing this type of data from a workplace (the Veterans Administration in this case), I suspect little will be done beyond offering free credit reports to victims from among the 26.5 million Veterans listed on the disk stolen from the unauthorized VA employee.

Google Alert for: identity theft

New laws target identity theft
By Associated Press. HONOLULU (AP) _ Governor Lingle has signed into law a package of bills passed by the Legislature to combat identitytheft. ...
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Senator says identity-theft protection should be priority
Benton County Daily Record - Bentonville,AR,USA
... more information, Pryor said. "Identity theftis a serious concern, costing consumers time and money to fix. The fact that millions ...

Prison Time Looms For Identity Theft Suspect - Dayton,Ohio,USA
... and child care. DeVaughns pleaded no contest to 24 counts of tampering with government records and two counts of identity theft.

Vet Theft Effects
WTHI - Terre Haute,IN,USA
... people they say was on it is unbelievable. If the wrong person gets ahold of that....We have enough problems with identity theft."....
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Free Help To Vets At Risk Of Identity Theft
KFMB - San Diego,CA,USA
More than 300,000 San Diego veterans are in danger of becoming a victim of identity theft. This after a laptop computer was stolen

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Lingle Signs New Laws to Fight Identity Theft
HONOLULU (KHNL)- Veterans across the nation continue to reel from the latestidentity theft scandal- a frightening reminder of just how vunlerable everyone is ...
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Identity Theft: A Lesson For Us All
Magic City Morning Star - Millinocket,ME,USA
... While we can not entirely control whether we will become a victim of identity theft, there are steps we can all take to minimize
our risk and to minimize the ...
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Identity LOST: Vets at risk after theft
Belvoir Eagle - Fort Belvoir,VA,USA

... VA officials are encouraging all veterans to carefully monitor their financial accounts for any signs of fraud or identity theft....

State Helping Vets With IdentityTheft
Hartford Courant - United States
... Today at a veterans awareness event in Hamden, the governor's task force in charge of helping veterans avoid identity theftgot their first chance to advise ...

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Identity Theft And The Medical System
The Chattanoogan - Chattanooga,TN,USA
Being an IT professional I know all too well the widespread and growing problem of identity theft. Name, social security number, and ...

Local Vets Weigh In On Identity Theft Scandal
Veterans have a lot of stories, and considering what they've been through, they have every right to tell them. But right now veterans ...
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