Monday, May 22, 2006

Voice Encryption Tool Draws Government Concern

Phillip Zimmerman, the creator of "Pretty Good Privacy" AKA PGP has developed a VOIP voice encryption program that may get him in hot water with the NSA. Zimmerman's program works with several, but not all VOIP programs, except the largest - Skype. Ebay owned Skype uses its' own encryption algo and according to them, is secure against eavesdropping by the feds.

So while bad guys scramble to find ways to talk securely by phone and those of use who simply want privacy wonder why the NSA needs to hear about our daily lives - Zimmerman has provided another tool to provide strong encryption against VOIP eavesdropping. In the process he has attracted government scrutiny once again. Odd that we need to find ways to keep Big Brother out of our basements and closets when they are mostly empty. We do it because it just feels wrong to have eyes and ears in every crevice of our lives.

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