Wednesday, August 30, 2006

AT&T Loses Customer Credit Card Info to Hackers

AT&T has been targeted by hackers hitting the DSL products store looking for customer credit card data. The hackers successfully accessed the store database for 19,000 customer credit card numbers and card owner information. The standard line, issued by most victims of hacking attacks, was also offered by AT&T when they offered the limp statement,
"The company is notifying customers by e-mail, phone and letter. So far, there is no indication that the hackers have used the financial information fraudulently... We deeply regret this incident and we intend to pay for credit monitoring services for customers whose accounts have been impacted."
Paying for credit monitoring services is far from sufficient if anything is discovered while monitoring. It's the actual financial damage done by bad guy identity thieves that matters and all companies that hold customer financial data should pay for restitution - in ADDITION to credit monitoring.

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